soulbones2lrsboutpageWriting saved my life.

From when I was a young child I battled with anxiety and depression, and in my early thirties was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. With a very strong interest in not only my own mental illness, but also a strong desire to help others with the same struggles, I spent my life studying psychology, counselling and therapeutic techniques. Interestingly, I did this while building a career in publishing. So my world has always been filled with books, writing, and a whole lot of words. I am currently doing research for my Master’s degree in Psychology, specialising in therapeutic writing.

Because here’s the thing: Until very recently I was unable to manage my illness. I stood on the blade between life and death numerous times. I did everything I was supposed to, including traditional therapy and strict medication (both of which I still consider essential). But I still wasn’t OK.

One night in March 2015 I found myself face to face with death. Closer than I had ever been before. But, instead of drowning, I rose with more fight than ever. That significant date is literally tattooed on my body now because it was the day I decided to live, no matter what. I started writing every day. I had always kept a journal, but now I started writing about my feelings and my world with intention – to heal.

A few months later I started a blog and wrote about my experiences and what I was learning. I changed the crowd I used to hang out with and chose to rub shoulders with people that “got me” instead. I found my tribe in a group of writers. Now part of my therapy is going to writing retreats and running them myself. I have seen my heart change shape as I write and it’s a gift I want to give to others.

My blog grew to the point where it needed to become more than just a series of posts. That is when Soul Bones was birthed.

This is a place where I share everything I have learnt about how writing can help us heal. It’s not just about spewing out words on the page – there are specific ways to work with your soul – and my work is to show you how.

I called this Soul Bones because when you’re battling with grief, depression, anxiety, stress, or any other difficult emotion, it’s like you have broken a bone (or a few) in your soul. This is where you can come to heal, and move from BROKEN to STRONG. I have personally found that words are the most effective thread for knitting bones back together again.

I have created some free resources for you to help get you started on your healing journey. You can go and download them here:


I look forward to helping you wrap words around your wounds.

With love,